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Colu Partners with Deloitte, Warranter, Bitt, Unveils “Digital Assets Control Panel”

Colu, an Israeli blockchain technology startup, today revealed its dashboard for issuing and managing digital assets, and partnerships with Deloitte, Warranteer and Bitt.

The company noted that from today it is collaborating with accounting and management consulting giant Deloitte to “bring blockchain technology into big new markets.”

With Warranteer,  Colu aims to turn product warranties, like GoPro and LG, to e-warranties to keep them up-to-date and easily transferable..

Colu also formed a partnership with Barbados-based Bitt to help the company bring financial access to more than 200,000 unbanked citizens using a blockchain based “Caribbean Dollar”.

The Israeli startup also unveiled its dashboard, or “Digital Assets Control Panel”, which will enable users to issue and manage digital assets.

According to the company,

By wrapping the API/SDK functionalities with an easy, user friendly interface, we aimed to create the first control panel for digital assets that could be used as easily by developers or non-developers equally.

Control panel users will be able to create assets with pre-set templates for various use cases, securities, tickets and digital currencies, or create customized templates. After assets are created, the issuer will be able to manage their distribution, track them, analyze their usage and obtain API keys to operate them programmatically.

In addition, developers can create their own white-label mobile wallet for their assets by creating a custom made, branded mobile app.

Colu is taking registrations online for a waiting list and is gradually onboarding users to the dashboard.


A this week’s Money 20/20 in Las Vegas, Colu is showcasing the project of 13 year old developer, Jonathan Ohayon. Intrigued by blockchain technology. Ohayon spent his summer vacation at Colu’s offices, where he developed a blockchain based smart lock based on Colu’s platform.

Colu says that it is continuing to bring blockchain technology to new markets
and in 3 months have achieved more than 20 integrations.

In January 2015, Colu received $2.5 million in seed investment from Aleph, BoxGroup, Digital Currency Group and Spark Capital. Colu uses the Colored Coins open Bitcoin 2.0 protocol  to deliver digital asset creation and transfer capabilities to users and developers.

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