Airbitz Offers Mobile In-Wallet Bitcoin Buy/Sell through Glidera

Bitcoin wallet provider Airbitz has formed a partnership with Glidera to permit users to buy and sell bitcoins directly from within their mobile wallets. The service has currently launched in beta with a limited number of invitations.

Glidera is the wallet provider’s first broker partner and will serve users in the US from now. Airbitz plans to offer more financial services from within its mobile wallet app, with more partnerships in the works for Europe, Asia, and South America.


Airbitz is offering the decentralized retail buying and selling of bitcoin by using the BitID open protocol. Rather than having to use a username and password, BitID allows users to use their bitcoin private key to access the service.

Utilizing BitID, users can create an account with Glidera from within the Airbitz mobile app. When purchasing bitcoin, users’ funds are deposited into their Airbitz accounts. When users’ sell bitcoin, fiat currency is deposited into users’ linked bank accounts.

Damian Cutillo, VP Design and Co-Founder of Airbitz, stated:

When you buy bitcoin, your digital currency funds show up in your Airbitz account automatically. When you sell bitcoin, your fiat funds show up automatically in your bank account. You can learn more, and stay in touch below. We have a limited number of invitations to share for the beta period of this exciting new functionality, so please sign up and get your spot in line!

In addition to offering more financial services, Airbitz is using its mobile wallet app as a “proving ground” for its Edge Security platform. Functionalities of its security platform include one-touch two factor authentication, automatic backups, data rollback, and device synchronization, accomplished with zero-knowledge and near-zero trust.

Airbitz is developing partnerships with brokerage services globally to provide easy ramps in and out of digital currency that do not require third party trust other than beyond matching and settlement of the trade. Like any fiat-to-digital currency exchange, users will still have to verify their identity with brokerage services to transact.

Glidera CEO David Ripley commented on the partnership:

We’re excited to see Airbitz launch this integration with our service.  For the first time ever, individuals can now buy and sell bitcoin within a user-controlled wallet.  We do not offer our own wallet.  Instead we’re focused on enhancing the usefulness of all the fantastic wallets and applications that already exist in the Bitcoin ecosystem.
In July, Airbitz received $450,000 from blockchain tech venture firm Block26 and is led by CEO and Co-Founder Paul Puey, a former Nvidia senior engineer and a prominent Bitcoin advocate in Southern California.

Based in Chicago, Glidera provides a service, through its bitcoin wallet partners, that enables individuals the ability to easily buy and sell Bitcoin via a connected bank account.

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