Australia’s CoinPoint Expands to Full Range Marketing Agency for Bitcoin Sector

AllCoinsNews had the opportunity to chat with Oron Barber, Managing Director of CoinPoint, about the Sydney online marketing agency’s focus on the Bitcoin ecosystem.

ACN: What is CoinPoint and how did you get started?

CoinPoint is an Australian-based online marketing agency focused on catering to the Bitcoin markets. Since our launch in 2013, we have created professional ties with our clients by providing them with excellent and specialized plans designed to address a wide range of marketing and integration needs relative to the latest trends.

ACN: You were providing affiliated marketing services before. How has CoinPoint changed from launch?

We started with Media and Affiliation, now we have larger range of marketing services and additional services like integration and more.

ACN: Can you tell us about your customers and services that you provide for them?

We have customers from the startup niche, also trading companies, mining operations and gambling operators. We provide each with a specific package, it can be consultation only and it can be full range of marketing services. ( and everything between )

ACN: I noticed you list AdBit, A-ADs and CoinURL as partners. These are competitive to some degree. Does this complicate your offerings to them?

No, we are using these platforms for the best of our customers, all goes via optimization and monitoring so we know how to use their services.

ACN: Also what has your growth been like since launching?

2014 was 100% better than 2013, the year we started. in 2015 we developed the team and the operation and haven’t shown must growth in profit. 2016 we will earn from this move.

Partners of CoinPoint
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