Boost VC Announces Tribe 6 Including 5 Bitcoin Firms

boost vc tribe 6
Last week, Adam Draper’s startup accelerator, Boost VC, held its sixth Demo Day and today revealed its latest round of companies, Tribe 6.

Of the 93 companies comprising the earlier five Tribes nearly $86 Million has been raised to date, and the combined value of those businesses is now around $390 Million.

Among the Tribe 6 portfolio companies, there are five members from the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

  • CoinUT – Singapore-based bitcoin options exchange
  • Epiphyte – bitcoin-powered international banking and securities platform
  • JoyStream – bitcoin micropayment platform for peer-to-peer content distribution
  • Unocoin – India’s largest bitcoin wallet and exchange.
  • Wealthcoin – platform for diversified portfolios of stocks and bonds denominated in bitcoin

This year, Demo Day will not mark the end of the program for the companies in Boost VC’s Tribe 6 group.

Jeff Wasson, partner at Boost VC, noted:

We did this because Demo Day is not the end of anything, but rather a transition to a more public facing stance for our companies. There is still a long way to go to capture success, and helping our companies get there has always been a cornerstone of the Boost VC program. Mentoring companies to help build a plan for the post demo day environment is something we feel adds tremendous value to our companies, mentors, and co-investors.

Boost VC also announced that applications for Tribe 7 are open until November 30th.

Other Blockchain space companies previously receiving investment from Boost VC include Align Commerce – payment service provider, Bitwall – micropayment service for publishers, BlockCypher – blockchain applications infrastructure, Blockscore – identity verification solution, Fluent – a blockchain-based payment network for businesses, Reveal – proprietary cryptocurrency social network, and Snapcard – bitcoin payment service provider.

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