30 Day Bitcoin Market Report September 2015 – Huobi Closes Distance with OKCoin Marketshare

This 30 day bitcoin market report summarizes major bitcoin exchange activity primarily by volume for a thirty day period.

BraveNewCoin price & volume
BraveNewCoin’s Bitcoin Price Index tracks market averages for all cryptocurrency markets and all data including altcoins. The data on their website is a weighted average for over 100 $BTC and altcoin exchanges and 30 fiat pairs. The popular $BTCUSD chart for September is below:

BraveNewCoin $BTCUSD September 2015

@bravenewcoin $BTCUSD 1 month chart
@bravenewcoin $BTCUSD 1 month chart

September price high low open close
open $228.35 close $239.92
high $250.79 low $228.56 monthly range $22.23

The bitcoin price index began the month at approximately US$ 228.35. The price climbed to a peak of $245.69 on September 08 then fell off to $231.02 on September 14. A vagarious trend ensued through to September 22 when the price bottomed out at $228.69 and began a gradual up trend. The BTC US dollar index closed off September rising at $240.25.

BraveNewCoin $BTCCNY September 2015
The largest bitcoin market is $BTCCNY shown below:

@bravenewcoin $BTCCNY 1 month chart

Highest trading volume in month

@bravenewcoin highest trading volume of month

The highest trading volume of the month was on Monday September 28 2015 with a 24 hour volume of US$ 286.9 million dollars of bitcoin.

Top exchanges by volume data for “All currencies” in 30 days:

Data as of September 30 2015

Top exchanges by market share percentage: September 2015

Data as of September 30 2015
Data as of September 30 2015 –

Compare this against last month’s data below:

Top exchanges by market share percentage: August 2015 historical

Change in positions from August to September 2015
@OKCoinBTC dropped 6.7% to 39.74% of total marketshare of all bitcoin traded worldwide.
@Huobicom posted a marketshare of 24.58% up 8.35% from the previous period of 16.23%.
Consecutive month to month marketshare decreases over the spring and early summer have been turned around by @bitstamp who posted third largest overall volume in all currencies with 5.88%. This notably supplants the now trailing @Bitfinex who posted 3.06% of all bitcoin traded in September.

BTCChina – who has rebranded as BTCC – weighed in at fourth largest overall with 5.57%.

Major exchanges also included LakeBTC 4.6%, itBit 2.7%, ANXBTC 2.6% and the top ten newcomer Bit-x 2.5%.

Bit-x (@bitx2014) is registered in the United Kingdom and trades several pairs including $BTCEUR, $BTCUSD & $BTCGBP.


Bit-x $BTCEUR last price at time of writing October 07 2015

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Lack of data privacy

The much vaunted Gemini bitcoin exchange has launched for United States customers only. The exchange requires an email address and phone number to register with your personal data subject to the privacy accorded US businesses. Europe’s highest court the European Court of Justice recently struck down Safeharbour for US businesses across Atlantic data transfers citing “mass U.S. Government snooping” (source Reuters). The regulated lack of privacy runs counter to the principle of deregulation and the fundamental anonymous characteristic of bitcoin.

No ticker
On the first day of trading indicated they had no public ticker and no public stats, both having been removed from their API on


NEW! $BTCCNY $BTCUSD & $BTCEUR Volume reports

$BTCUSD volume chart of October 07 2015.

New pie volume charts are available on for the three major bitcoin pairs of $BTCCNY, $BTCUSD and $BTCEUR. The chart displays volume data retrieved from each exchange. In most cases the reporting period is 24 hours. Some exchanges may zero their data counter – with the exchanges typically in different time zones – others may stream a moving 24 hour volume snapshot.

Take a look at the $BTCCNY market here:

Dynamic $BTC Indices
When you visit Kittybitcoin you will see dynamic $BTC indices. These are displayed at the top of the page. If you are viewing BTCUSD results then the index shown is the same as the pair you are currently viewing. Here is a BTCEUR example:

Example BTCEUR dynamic ticker BTC


BTC Price Trend indicator
The BTC Price trend also is sporting a new “vagarious” movement indicator. When the Global Bitcoin Price is within the range of +-0.75% the indicator will show “sideways” movement and not up or down.

The indicator works with $BTCUSD, $BTCCNY and $BTCEUR indices. The BTC Price Trend is in development in support of other activities, and its algorithm is subject to possible change. The indice datasource is BraveNewCoin. Find out the latest $BTC price trend here:

Current activity
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