BTCS, Spondoolies Tech Debut New High Powered Industrial Miner SP50 ahead of Merger

Blockchain technology company BTCS and Israeli bitcoin mining technology manufacturer Spondoolies-Tech have debuted a new high powered mining server called the SP50.

The two companies also this week signed a definitive merger agreement.


BTCS’ preferred term for bitcoin mining hardware is “transaction verification servers.” Regardless, the SP50 line is promising to be a monstrous industrial-powered miner. The new model is expected to be 400% more efficient than its predecessor, the SP35, providing significant reduction in operational costs combined with increased ease of management and maintenance.

According to Spondoolies, the technical specifications of the SP50 include:

  • 110 TH/s (Tera hash per second) in one unit
  • Low power consumption and an estimated 4x improvement over current Spondoolies units (0.15J/GH compared to 0.61J/GH)
  • Reliable and cost effective 28 nanometer (nm) process versus 16 nm processes
  • Replaceable modular circuit boards (similar to blade servers) for quick upgrades and repairs
  • Easily replaceable built-in power supply units
  • Design foundation for future generation 16 nm chips

As a result of the  merger, Spondoolies is shifting away from mass consumer sales to align itself with BTCS, offering the first batch of the SP50 servers to select customers.

Guy Corem, Chief Executive Officer of Spondoolies, notes:

We are excited about the launch of the SP50, which should be the leader in server density and power efficiency. The SP50 is expected to allow users to deploy large processing power – hash rate – with a small number of units and without having to care for external power supplies.

BTCS and Spondoolies plan to host the SP50 in BTCS’ North Carolina facility, as well as at other low cost facilities.

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