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OpenLedger Taking Off Oct 13th with BitShares 2.0 Engine

OpenLedger, the network of cryptocurrency exchanges, was introduced by Denmark’s CCEDK during last week’s Global Money Transfer Summit at Level 39 in London’s Canary Wharf.

Scheduled to launch on October 13th, OpenLedger is a decentralized exchange gateway to multiple currencies of fiat and cryptocurrencies set up on the BitShares Exchange Network.

Developed in partnership with Cryptonomex, the blockchain developer behind BitShares, OpenLedger will utilize the BitShares 2.0 Graphene platform that will ostensibly permit industrial grade cryptocurrency transactions several thousand times faster than Bitcoin

For its own EU-based international exchange in Denmark, CCEDK ‘s partnership with BitShares already permits it to provide buy and sell options for digital currencies in more than 85 crypto pairs based on BitUSD, BitEUR, BitCNY, Bitcoin, Litecoin, BitShares, NuBits, NuShares, Dogecoin, DASH Nextcoin, Blackcoin, Peercoin and Fimkrypto as well as a more than 50 Fiat pairs with validation.

Graphene’s build out is key to OpenLedger, as evident in this blogging from CCEDK CEO Ronny Boesing:

Some say Daniel Larimer, the lead developer of Bitshares and Cryptonomex (both partners of the OpenLedger project) is the Einstein of crypto currency and the world will soon be able to see if this is in fact true, as the financial network for crypto currencies called Bitshares 2.0 is set to be launched on October 13th 2015, and as a result OpenLedger is having the same launch date!

Bitshares is a project of Dan Larimer and with the intention to enable trading of anything the real world is offering and then some with Open order books and transparency never seen the likes anywhere else. It is a project meant to combine all the great stuff from Bitshares as well as the great stuff from all the future partners expected to join in future. It is a project where you have one wallet for all your activities even if they take place on different blockchains.

CCEDK itself brings to the partnership its exchange gateway of multiple fiats, a cryptocurrency debit card called NanoCard, and the jurisdiction of cryptographic friendly Denmark.


Incorporating BitShares and CCEDK strengths and capabilities, the partners hope to position OpenLedger to be an innovative, comprehensive financial platform with warp-speed transaction capability, 2FA security, transparent order books, and ability to create a range of decentralized markets, referral systems, pegged assets or “SmartCoins”, smart contracts and other financial products.

OpenLedger already has established blockchain driven partners that include diversified cryptocurrency group Banx Capital, data center backed Bunkershares, the Beyond Bitcoin Show, music platform Peertracks, identity-focused cryptocurrency Identabit, voting platform Follow My Vote, and others.

OpenLedger - BItShares Partners
OpenLedger – BitShares Partners

The October 13th launch of BitShares 2.0 is a complete fork of the original BitShares blockchain. Lead developer Daniel Larimer indicated recently that Graphene will be rolled out on schedule with some new features including stealth or confidential transactions.

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