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Fintech Week London 2015 Showcases City as Fintech Capital, Features Role of Blockchain Tech

Fintech Week London 2015 is happening this week. It is part of the UK Government’s effort to sculpt London into s the global fintech capital

On the first day of the event, UK Treasury special envoy for fintech and VC Passion Capital partner, Eileen Burbidge, spoke about the “dominance” of the UK’s fintech sector globally:

London and the UK will lead the fintech sector. It can’t be Silicon Valley, they have produced a few start-ups like Stripe but numbers are tiny compared to the UK

From September 14th to 18th, the Bitcoin and blockchain technology sector are being represented in the conference agenda by the following speakers.

Monday, 14 September 2015
Meet the Startups” session
Coinjar (Bitcoin account management) – Lui Smyth, UK Lead

Tuesday, 15 September 2015
“Meet the Startups” session (Leveraged bitcoin trading platform) – Joseph Lee, Founder CEO
Crypto Facilities (Bitcoin hedging platform) – Dr. Timo Schlaefer

Thursday, 17 September 2015
Bitcoin and Virtual Currencies 101
Coinscrum (Digital currency events managment) – Paul Gordon, Founder
Applied Blockchain (Private blockchains startup) – Adi Ben-Ari, Founder

Blockchain for Enterprise Panel
Bitcoin Foundation – Jon Matonis, Founding Director

Smart Contracts
Blockchain Collective (Blockchain professionals community)- Eric Benz

What is Blockchain
Blockchain Collective – Eric Benz
Credits (Blockchain Apps Platform) – Tomasz Mloduchowski & Nick Williamson
Applied Blockchain – Adi Ben-Ari

Isle of Man: Open for Crypto & Blockchain Business
Isle of Man Government – Brian Donegan
Credits – Nick Williamson

Customer Centred Finance
Fidor Bank (Digital Bank)- Sophie Guibaud, VP of European Expansion

A blockchain hackathon is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday sponsored by IBM, Thomson Retures & Lloyds Banking Group

For the week, Hanover Communications sent AllCoinsNews  an interesting infographic on cryptocurrencies with the following statement:

Cryptocurrencies and digital currencies will feature quite heavily in conversations following Thursday’s discussion on the future of finance and the role cryptocurrencies will play in the UK, so this infographic showing the benefits, issues, risks and implications to the market is especially relevant.

The infographic highlights four key government-oriented developments on the subject of cryptocurrencies.

  1.  The UK Government plans to apply anti-money laundering regulations to digital currency exchanges.
  2. The British Standards Institution will work with digital currency industry participants to develop a government framework for best practices.
  3. GBP 10 million is being allocated through Research Councils, Alan Turing Institution and Digital Catapult to investigate digital currencies.
  4. The Bank of England is conducting research on a central bank-issued digital currency.
Cryptocurrencies infographic_FINAL
Infographic on Cryptocurrencies in the UK
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