[Q&A] ChangeTip Helps Direct Relief Raise Bitcoin for Liberian, Sierra Leonean Mothers

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ChangeTip partnered up with leading charity Direct Relief to provide 2000 expecting mothers in Liberia and Sierra Leone with prenatal vitamins.

The bitcoin-raising campaign started on August 19th, which was World Humanitarian Day. Originally planned to finish on August 26th, the campaign is still open with 12.98 BTC raised of 40 BTC goal

ChangeTip’s Victoria Van Eyk, VP of Community Development, answered some questions from AllCoinsNews on the campaign.

Why has ChangeTip picked Direct Relief?

Back in April, ChangeTip ran a fundraising campaign with Red Cross for Nepal earthquake. At then, we received lots of recommendations from Bitcoin community about Direct Relief as their preferred charity to donate to. A few months later, we were looking for a NGO to partner up for another charitable campaign to focus on education non-Bitcoiners on bitcoin. We researched charities on Charity Navigators to reach out, teach them about Bitcoin and onboard them into ChangeTip. And guess who we found – Direct Relief, rated number one on the list. Then we discovered that Direct Relief already had an account on ChangeTip, which was opened during the Nepal Earthquake campaign. So we reached out to them, chatted for an hour and decided to formally partner on bitcoin charity campaign!

Why it is good campaign?

We have created a world in which very few people have a lot, and many have very little. This is especially pronounced in places such as Liberia and Sierra Leone, where people do not even have access to proper base nutrients. We are also living in an increasingly connected world, and when we combine tools like ChangeTip with institutions doing good work, we can influence massive global social change and help those who need it the most. Direct Relief is one such institution known for their good work. Rated 100% efficient by Forbes, and over 99% on Charity Navigator, this top-rated charity holds ethics, transparency, accountability and service to the world’s neediest close to heart. With regards to this specific campaign, Direct Relief found that other charities were charging too much for their vitamins, limiting the amount of impact and help they could provide to people abroad. So, they actually made their *own* affordable vitamins to send to expectant mothers, who need proper nutrients to have a safe pregnancy for themselves an their babies. We decided to launch alongside them, and make the focus on social proof – showing people exactly where their donations are going. This is also launched in August so we can teach donor basis and the public at large about Social Giving and prepare the world for the largest giving months in November and December, when 80% of donations are sent to charities like Direct Relief.

changetip- debt relief - vitamin bottles

​(Vitamin Bottles with donor names)

Why is bitcoin compelling for relief programs?

Bitcoin is a secure, global, frictionless currency, making it easy, convenient and inexpensive to donate. Applying this layer on social media makes sense – if we can make it as easy as retweeting to donate, we can achieve massive global social change, using a digital currency that is country agnostic. If you have internet access, you can participate. This opens up the total amount of value we can send online now without limiting it to specific currencies.

Does ChangeTip give all funds collected to the charity?


Are there any other charities that ChangeTip contributes to?

Yes, please see our page for a list of supported charities.

What other developments are there at ChangeTip for the rest of 2015?

Stay tuned! We love to surprise and delight.

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