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Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Tech Support Greek Island Model Contest Crowd Funding

The goal behind the Athena model contest is to bring attention to the Greek island of Agistri and revive a tourist industry that supports the island’s thousands of residents but has suffered during Greece’s economic and budget crisis.

The contest has already started a 450,000 GDP crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Various players from the digital currency industry, namely the Drachmae project, Nxt, SuperNET, NautilusCoin, Jetcoin, and 44Phones, are contributing support to the island’s reality TV model contest.

The Drachmae Project was established to discover possible use cases of blockchain technology for Greece’s troubled economy. During the Athena event, the technology will be tested for voting and for payment of food and beverages.

Drachmae’s loyalty program is built on Nxt and will be using the voting functions of the Nxt Blockchain to ensure that the contest’s public voting is transparent and not manipulated.

Blockchain-enabled mobile network, 44Phones, will provide the mobile platform for the voting and the Drachmae Money services enabling cast and crew to pay for all their food and drink on Agistri.

SuperNET, a mega network of cryptocurrencies, will provide the overall digital currency infrastructure for the contest.

NautilusCoin, founded by Bitcoin Big Bang author Brian Kelly, will provide prize money to the contestants in the 10,000 Euros equivalent of NautilusCoin.

Jetcoin, a digital asset that targets sports and entertainment fans, is designed to permit users to benefit from the success of stars and athletes.

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