Instant Trading Exchange ShapeShift Integrates Ethereum Token, Trading Card Game Asset

ShapeShift, an instant multiple digital currency trading exchange, has recently added Ether, the token of blockchain protocol Ethereum, and a Counterparty-based special edition digital asset for the online trading card game, Spells of Genesis.

The ShapeShift exchange enables rapid trading of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and several dozen other cryptocurrencies, with no signup process nor account required for trading.

The addition of the Ether to ShapeShift comes as Ethereum recently released the much anticipated first version of its platform, codenamed “Frontier”. Ethereum, under development since 2013, shattered crowdfunding records last year when it raised over $18 million.

Erik Voorhees, ShapeShift’s CE, commented,

Ethereum is a wild project and will likely change software architecture in the same manner that Bitcoin is changing financial architecture. The two projects are beautiful compliments to each other.

By including Ethereum’s digital token on ShapeShift, software developers and users can immediately exchange between “Ether” and other digital assets.

George Hallam, Business & Partnership Director at Ethereum, added,

On a personal note, I’m very appreciative of the hard work that the ShapeShift development team has put into making the Ether listing a reality.

spells of genesis

Spells of Genesis (SoG), the upcoming online trading card game of Swiss software firm Everdreamsoft, has released a limited quantity of a ShapeShift-branded unique online game card. The cards are digital assets issued through the Counterparty protocol, which utilizes the Bitcoin blockchain to track creation and transfer of digital assets.

A limited quantity of 100 cards, dubbed “ShapeShift- The Wanderer,” will be available for purchase on the ShapeShift exchange from August 12-September 9th, with 25 new cards being released for sale every week for the four week period. The cards can be purchased with bitcoin or more than 40 other leading cryptocurrencies that ShapeShift has on its exchange.

SoG is able to release a limited quantity of the online trading card “The Wanderer” card, as the scarcity of the cards is maintained by the blockchain. Specifically, “The Wanderer” card allows players to convert their opponents used “power” points into “life/health” points. The player with the most life/health points at the end of the round wins, thus playing the card can greatly affect the outcome of a game.

Voorhees added,

Digital goods in games have always had fake scarcity. The company can always create more, and nobody really knows how many exist, making it impractical to value or price. These blockchain-based digital assets, however, are truly mathematically scarce, and will become commoditized and traded like other financial assets. Spells of Genesis is breaking exciting new ground and we’re thrilled to be working closely with them.

The ShapeShift Wanderer cards can also be used on Everdreamsoft’s popular mobile game, Moonga.

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