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Ethereum Establishes New Foundation Board of Directors

As Ethereum nears the debut of its first release, called “Frontier”, the blockchain technology project’s non-profit organization, the Ethereum Foundation, has established a new board of directors..

The foundation is registered in Switzerland and is tasked with managing funds raised from the sale of cryptographic assets, known as Ethers.

The September 2014 Ether crowdsale raised over $18 million, making it the third largest crowd funded project in history.

The Ethereum board now includes a new Executive Director, Ming Chan, and four members, namely Lars Klawitter, Vadim Levitin, Wayne Hennessy-Barrett and Vitalik Buterin, who is President of the Board.

Ethereum released the following biographies of its foundation board members.

Executive Director

Ming Chan
Ming Chan
An alumni of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she studied Computer Science, Media Arts & Sciences, Ming is a Swiss-born Chinese American who has spent decades leading and completing complex IT and management consulting projects, founding and growing business ventures, and working with top educators, scientists, and inventors to bring inspiring research innovation to life. She has followed Ethereum since 2013 and has a sound understanding of the legal and regulatory issues relevant to blockchain technology.
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Board Members

Lars Klawitter
Lars has a degree in Computer Science and was involved with startups as a founder or senior executive during the first internet revolution of the late 90ies. Having since moved into senior positions in the automotive industry, Lars has substantial experience in building and growing organisations at the intersection of technology and innovation. He held several C Level IT positions, the most recent of which CIO at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, the company where he is currently responsible for the special vehicles and innovations business.
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Wayne Hennessy-Barrett
Founder and CEO of 4G Capital, an African mobile money fintech business based in Kenya. He has created and led scalable distribution systems in emerging markets around the world with extensive experience in corporate governance and risk management. After a distinguished military career he has provided intelligence-led consultancy and strategic advice to a number of boards in both the commercial and public sectors. He is a committed advocate for the transformative power of financial technology for the alleviation of poverty and sustainable development.

Dr. Vadim David Levitin
Vadim worked on technology issues in twenty-three countries on behalf of the United Nations. Trained as a physician, he found the nexus between human and technology systems intriguing and illustrative leading him to pursue a master’s degree in technology. He ran a business development company in Eastern Europe serving Fortune 500 clients interested in those markets as the region emerged from communism. Later, he was CEO of Ecommerce Institute, a global technology company with subsidiaries in the U.K., Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and the Caribbean. He has consulted with major companies, governments, and NGOs on almost every continent, authored national strategies on economic and technology issues ranging from digital marketplaces to online stock exchanges, from e-schools to technology strategies for emerging countries, from transportation to tourism, and from healthcare to national infrastructure broadband development.

Vitalik Buterin
Vitalik is one of the inventors of Ethereum. Vitalik first discovered Bitcoin in 2011, and the combination of math, economics and an immediate feeling that it represented the way that money “should be” attracted him immediately to the scene. In September 2011 he became the cofounder and original head writer for Bitcoin Magazine. Following this, Vitalik founded Ethereum, a blockchain-based arbitrary-state Turing-complete scripting platform useful for smart contracts, computational resource marketplaces, financial experimentation, decentralized governance and many other use cases that we have not even thought of yet.
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