BitPay Increases Latin American Transactions 500%, Gains PSP Partnerships in US, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Austria, Australia

BitPay has formed several new partnerships with payment service providers (PSPs) in North America, Latin America, Europe and Australia, helping the company to extend its global reach.

James Walpole,  Marketing Associate at BitPay, posted:

Our partnerships in the payments industry have been an important part of the growth of bitcoin merchant adoption on our platform in the past year. These new PSPs serve merchants in more than 100 countries. With the seamless compatibility these technical integrations will provide, we expect that more businesses of all types and sizes will find that bitcoin can fit into the everyday payment options they offer to customers.

In Latin American, BitPay’s bitcoin transactions increased by 510% in the last quarter, and its new partnerships in the region suggest that the amount will only grow. Mexico’s OpenPay and Costa Rica’s KADU will provide access to these payments to merchants like TARAerolineas, which recently became Mexico’s first airline to accept bitcoin.

Australian PSP BillPro added BitPay’s bitcoin payment gateway as result of growing merchant interest in offering a bitcoin processing option for businesses in Australia as well as Europe and Asia.

Canadian merchants continue to be hospitable to bitcoin, and rapidly growing Vancouver PSP Payfirma has integrated BitPay’s API into its comprehensive platform of payment services used by small businesses and enterprises across North America.

In the United States, North Carolina’s Sonic Payments has integrated BitPay’s platform into its payment offerings for property managers and rental property owners, permitting tenants ito pay rent with bitcoin at up to 30,000 retail locations, including CVS Pharmacy, 7-Eleven, and Dollar General stores.

Austria-based Ixopay is adding the BitPay platform to its all-in-one gateway, which already supports major card processors and other alternative payments in Europe and around the world.

Walpole added:

What does all of this mean for the Bitcoin ecosystem? In addition to coming into its own as a truly global currency, bitcoin is being adopted by payment industry leaders and offered alongside mainstream methods. We still see great potential for bitcoin adoption in markets like Asia and Latin America, especially for these PSP customers in these regions. With our partnerships, this adoption can be sped up significantly.

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