Blockchain Offers Sneak Peak, Alpha Testing of New Wallet

Popular bitcoin wallet provider, Blockchain, is calling for alpha testers of its new wallet.

Alyson Margaret, Blockchain’s Head of Communications, announced the following:

We’ve reviewed feedback from community members around the world, and have been hard at work behind the scenes to dramatically improve your Blockchain Wallet experience. We aren’t just talking about a facelift either.

Our bitcoin wallet is undergoing many improvements, but we’ve been especially focused on security, the UI/UX and underlying technology. We don’t just want this wallet to be safe and easy to use. We want it to be the best bitcoin wallet available.

We still need your help, though! The wallet is currently in alpha-testing, and is now available for public sign up. If you would like to request access now to the new wallet, please visit this link:

Blockchain is trying to address security concerns of users as the wallet provider has had its share of security flaws and bugs, with users publicly complaining about theft of their bitcoins.

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