Coinbase Exchange Now Offers Market Orders

Market orders are now available on Coinbase’s bitcoin exchange, according to the company.

“Market orders” provide instruction to rapidly execuite a transaction at the present or market price. In distinction, “limit orders” provide instruction to execute at or under a specific purchase price or at or above a specific sales price.

The team behind the Coinbase’s new exchange stated:

We are excited to announce that users can now place market orders on Coinbase Exchange.

Market orders provide a fast and convenient way to trade on Coinbase Exchange. In contrast to limit orders, which are filled based on a desired price or not at all, market orders are filled immediately at the best available price.

The steps to making a market order on Coinbase include the following:

  1. Select ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ on the order ticket
  2. Select ‘Market’
  3. Enter amount of transaction
  4. Click the ‘Place order’ button to confirm order