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Hackcoin @ Barclays Accelerator London Will Test “Identity and the Blockchain”.

Hackcoin Limited is holding a blockchain hackathon in the Barclays Accelerator in London on July 24th.

The theme of the hackathon will be “Identity and the Blockchain”. Previous Hackcoin events have been held in both London and Hong Kong, and a Mumbai event is scheduled for August.

The latest Hackcoin hackathon was held on June 20th at UBS in London with 17 people attending.

Yves Nicholson, Head Researcher at Merkle Tree Limited and one of the organizers, commented:

Our last event at UBS had an attendance of 17 people. It was well received by participants who felt they had more individual attention from the tech support team. In particular, they enjoyed the fact that they were guided by a central theme without being micro-managed in their idea development as we had a hands-off approach in order to spur creativity

The winners of the 20th June event were Francesco Canessa and Kristina Butkute. They developed a contactless pre-paid card (shaped as a Bitcoin) that could be topped up with a mobile phone via the in-built chip in the card.

The participants in the upcoming competition at the Barclays Accelerator will be tasked to develop blockchain applications that address determination of digital identity.

Nicholson added:

The Barclays Accelerator gives us the space, opportunity and visibility to better showcase our event. We see this as strategic long-term partnership that can benefit Hackcoin and all those who participate in it as they will be able to connect and form a network with professionals and potential investors.

The startups and teams who participate in the event have the opportunity to show and develop their ideas around digital identity and the blockchain. This is one of the most complex issues in the blockchain sphere at the moment so being able to see a group of hacker teams at work could provide them with the opportunity for future development.

The Hackcoin organizers have illustrated a variety of potential use cases for participants:

  • Reduction of fraud and increasing trust (proving identity)
  • Reducing friction and driving efficiencies (registration, single login and payments)
  • Enabling customers to control their data (consent and permissions)
  • The ability to prove identity with alternative data sources (i.e. if someone doesn’t have a driver’s license or passport)

Nicholson continued:

The types of apps that could be developed are varied but the most interesting app would be one which is able to connect all of the use cases into one. This would mean creating a viable and effective digital identity system that can be used for all digital identity purposes relating to the blockchain


Bitcoin exchange service provider Alphapoint is a sponsor, and Eris Industries is providing the distributed application platform for the competition.

Coders, entrepreneurs and observers are invited to sign up to the event on Eventbrite.

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