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Data Security Node, BitShares Form Partnership Offering Multiple Crypto Assets Across Multiple Blockchains

Earlier this month, Data Security Node Inc. (DSN), a 64,000 sq. ft. nuclear bunker data center located in Nova Scotia, Canada, formed a partnership with blockchain technology platform BitShares to introduce various cryptographic asset solutions and exchange multiple kinds of these assets across blockchains.

Jonathan Baha’i, President of Data Security Node, explained:

We have come to a place, technologically, where a revolution is about to happen at all levels of society – thanks to a new breed of blockchain driven technologies. BitShares 2.0 is at the crest of this movement, and we are absolutely thrilled to be joining forces with them.

The new partnership comes by way of a DSN service called BunkerDEX that enables the exchange of crypto assets over multiple blockchains. Through the BitShares network, customers will be able to exchange virtual assets of all kinds, from popular crypto currencies like Bitcoin, to SmartCoins that hold the value of Dollars and Euro, to alternative banking solutions.

Baha’i continued:

Our nuclear bunker data center is the perfect place to host critical data, like financial transactions, that need a high level of protection. Most of us don’t expect nukes to fall from the sky any time soon, but the increasing appearance of natural disasters is actually a huge threat to data centers all around the world. Even data centers with sophisticated contingency planning have shown that they are helpless in the face of large scale natural disasters. For example, an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), either man-made or by solar flares, would instantly destroy the electronics in most data centers. Due to the sophisticated construction of our bunker, we are the only solution in Canada that provides protection from these types of threats.

BunkerDEX will be the platform for several services that “connect” from the bunker, such as BunkerMining, the Canadian Rewards Debit, and S.A.F.E. or Synchronized Asset Futures Engine.

The BunkerMining service is a cryptographic mining pool that will pay miners in SmartCoins such as bitUSD and bitEuro, or by having real gold or silver drop-shipped to their door. BunkerMining will operate as a zero fee network through the BunkerDEX.

Paying miners in stable cryptocurrencies or real world assets such as gold and silver will be an in-demand feature according to Baha’i.

This will be a game changer for miners. The markets for various coins are constantly changing. Those that invest in mining hardware take on a risk that the value of the coins they mine today might not profit tomorrow. By using the BunkerMining pool, miners that use Scrypt mining rigs for example will also be able to benefit from increased value in Bitcoin, which is not a scrypt mined coin, as part of the index.

What’s even more exciting is the level of transparency we will be able to bring to our mining pool, and potentially our index could become another metric for measuring the current state of crypto. Thanks to the support of the BitShares delegate system, during our initial growth phase will should be able to offer miners a higher ROI than anywhere else, and bonuses on payouts will constantly keep us among the most profitable mining pools.

Another service on BunkerDEX will be the Canadian Rewards Debit. Through BitShares’ network, the BunkerDEX will enable Canadian users with a smartphone to cash their cheques, pay bills online, and send money to their friends and family in any SmartCoin they choose. DSN will provide secure gateway transactions that will enable Canadians to transact their everyday banking and purchases in Canada and around the world.

The third offering, the Synchronized Assets Futures Engine (SAFE), was created in tandem with BunkerShares, vouchers sold at a discounted rate through BitShares exchange and that can be redeemed for products or services provided at the bunker.

To raise money for expanding operations, DSN says it will soon begin selling the BunkerShares, which will be issued onto the BitShares Decentralized Exchange as user issued assets. SAFE will be a platform that provides businesses a way to raise money from investors without issuing securities. Instead, investors act as middleman on every sale, and their investment is always protected against the potential for a liquidity crunch, according to Baha’i.

The BunkerShares 50 day sale will apparently commence this fall, with the BunkerDEX following shortly afterwards.


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