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[Q&A] Blockstrap Rocks Europe with “A Complete Beginners Guide to Blockchain Technology”

AllCoinsNews had a chance to chat with Adam Giles, the leading light behind Blockstrap and Neuroware, about their groundbreaking series of blockchain technology workshops across Europe, which is a partnership with new accelerator Block Chain Space.

1. What is the main mission of “A Complete Beginners Guide to Blockchain Technology” workshops?

The main mission for these workshops is to help lower the technical barrier of entry for first time developers. We help frame people’s understanding of bitcoin, the blockchain, and how distributed networks operate. While interest in the technology is perhaps at an all time high since we started Blockstrap, there’s still a need for broader understanding and education about the fundamentals of blockchain technology. Developers have some difficulty to get started and help is still limited so we aim to fulfill that role. By equipping developers with the tools and knowledge they need to start experimenting with the blockchain, we hope to spur innovation in the ecosystem.

2. You have these dates and locations for the workshops

  • Istanbul – Fit Startup Factory – Wednesday 24th June
  • Amsterdam – University of Applied Sciences – Friday 26th June
  • Barcelona – CREC Coworking Space – Saturday 27th June
  • Prague – Paralelni Polis – Monday 29th June
  • Berlin – The Rainmaking Loft – Tuesday 30th June
  • London – Barclays Accelerator – Wednesday 1st July

How have the workshops gone so far and are you planning any dates after that?

We honestly didn’t know what to expect when we announced this tour, but so far the response has been overwhelmingly positive – Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Prague were all full houses, while spaces in London were sold out in about 48 hours. We’ve also heard from a number of developers who want to learn about blockchain technology, and have had requests to bring the workshops to places as far away as Denver and Sydney. We’re already in talks about expanding these workshops to more cities, with Kuala Lumpur and Singapore next on our list.

3. What are the synergies between Blockstrap (Neuroware), Block Chain Space, and the startup locations in those cities?

Block Chain Space is a new global accelerator for blockchain startups and we couldn’t be happier supporting them. These workshops are preparation for a separate tour of hackathons to take place in the same cities later this year. The winners from the respective hackathons will be given the opportunity to attend the first Block Chain Space batch in September in Barcelona. We’ll then be working closely these startups and providing them with special Blockstrap services and mentorship from the team as part of the acceleration program.

4. You have indicated that core content from these workshops was taught to developers in Singapore before DBS Blockchain Hack that took place May 8-9, 2015. What sort of content is it and will it continue to evolve?

There’s only so much content we can discuss in one day, so the course has been carefully crafted to cover as much of the basics as possible. We could discuss and dissect all the intricacies of how different blockchains work for days, but the main aim is for attendees to acquire a solid understanding and appreciation of the basic principles behind the tech. We start off by introducing the concept of a world wide ledger and slowly build up to cover topics such as transactions, mining and hashing. Knowledge learned in earlier modules is explained and expanded upon in later ones.

The course mirrors the constant evolution of the technology, so we’re constantly adapt the content to include the latest features and advancements. There are many curious developers out there, so we hope to run a large number of workshops in the near future.

5. How do you wear that hats of running Neuroware and being involved in Blockstrap, and working with the rest of the Blockstrap network? Are the projects in Blockstrap run by different teams?

Everything created by Blockstrap is from the team – we’re essentially a team of passionate developers who love blockchains – and Blockstrap is our dedicated service especially for developers. Blockstrap was created out of our own experience of building Bitcoin applications from scratch – we believe we understand the needs of early developers in this space and we are doing the hard work so they don’t have to. There’s a lot to learn and it can get very technical, very quickly – Blockstrap manages the more complicated elements of cryptography and interactions with the blockchain data so developers can get on with building great ideas.

6. Are you looking for other types of partners to be involved in the Blockstrap network?

Constantly! We’re extremely open to working with numerous partners across the world, and indeed have already formed a number of partnerships across Asia and Europe. If you’re working on a blockchain project or initiative anywhere in the world, we want to hear from you. We’re here to help.

7. What kind of response has block explorer received? Does that help with driving interest for Blockstrap’s API for developers? Is the API ultimately going to be a revenue generating application? is one of several applications we’ve built using elements from the Blockstrap stack. As is the case for all Neuroware applications, Blockstrap is entirely open source and all the code is available to view on GitHub

We have a strict open source ethos and look to provide as much of our code as possible to the community. We’re currently working on the next generation of our API that will introduce extra features and subscription-based plans, although we will continue providing free low-level API access for those just looking to experiment.

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