Vaultoro, ShapeShift Partnership Enables Gold Trading with Dozens of Cryptocurrencies, an instant digital currency exchange service, has partnered with Vaultoro, a platform that allows physical gold to be traded with Bitcoin, through their integration of the ShapeShift API.

Vaultoro’s integration of the ShapeShift API permits users to trade gold with various cryptocurrencies such as NXT, Dogecoin, Monero, Dash, Namecoin and several dozen others.

Erik Voorhees, ShapeShift CEO and Founder, commented:

Cryptocurrency, like gold and silver, is real money because its value comes from the market, not from government diktat.With this integration, it’s now easier for people all over the world to trade between these forms of real money, and avoid fiat currencies entirely.

Vaultoro’s integration of the API is one of many partnerships is securing. The company continues to work with partners who desire to expand their customer base by accepting digital currency payment options.

Joshua Scigala, Co-founder of, added:

We were wanting to offer multiple altcoin payment options to customers and was the perfect answer. Their API is elegant and was so simple to incorporate into our platform. ShapeShift makes it seamless for someone to send us say, dogecoin or litecoin, and it gets instantly converted to bitcoin and sent to the user’s Vaultoro account.

In addition to its API offering, ShapeShift also offers a website exchange for direct consumer usage, where they can trade Bitcoin for other leading cryptocurrencies.


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