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Blockchain “People’s Library” Alexandria Starts Beta Test in June, May Use Rivetz for DRM


San Diego startup Blocktech plans to start a beta round of testing its “Library” on the Blockchain in a few weeks, according to a company announcement.

Blocktech is developing this Blockchain-based archival application, called Alexandria, to be an open source, censorship-resistant, peer-to-peer library for art, history, and culture.

At the April 28th San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup Group, Blocktech founder Devon Reed discussed Alexandria in the context of how Blockchain and P2P technologies will empower the world.

The pitch of Alexandria is that it will store any type of media on a global network that sits upon the blockchain. All of that media will be accessible and linked through popular P2P file-sharing protocol BitTorrent. The difference between other BitTorrent networks and Alexandria is that the latter will not use central servers.

Alexandria is also eschewing the traditional Web content advertising revenue model for direct payments from users of the network. In its alpha testing, Alexandria already provides two payment methods, optional tipping and a “pay-what-you-want wall”. Blocktech intends to also add micro subscriptions and a P2P digital rights management system.
alexandria wall
Read revealed at the meetup that Blocktech was working with trusted computing firm Rivetz to develop a distributed DRM system for Alexandria, likely utilizing its trusted execution model. Rivetz recently formed a partnership with a higher profile blockchain distributed application firm Factom.

Regarding the beta testing of Alexandria, Blocktech announced on Friday:

Alexandria is currently in private alpha testing, and we expect our private beta round to begin in about 3 weeks time. We are running a crowdfunding campaign to support Alexandria’s development because we believe The People’s Library should be funded by the people. At, we’ve outlined a development timeline highlighting certain milestones, along with how much we’re aiming to raise for each of those milestones. Your contributions allow us to focus on Alexandria full-time and helps us get The People’s Library out as quickly as possible.

In its crowdfunding campaign, Blocktech had only raised 6.9 percent of $36,000 first goal for development and release of the “Private Beta for Mac, Win & Linux”. The startup’s subsequent funding targets and corresponding development stages are the following:
~ $78,000 v0.6 Open-Source Public Beta
~ $120,000 v0.7 Open-Source Public Beta (Raspberry Pi set-top box)
~ $168,000 v0.8 Open-Source Public Beta and Web Client:
~ $234,000 v0.9 Release Candidate
~ $256,000+ v1.0 “The Distributed Library of Alexandria”

Alexandria also uses Florincoin, a Bitcoin and Litecoin-based cryptocurrency launched in 2013, which has quick transaction processing in a 40 second block time and a unique feature – embedded transaction information. For Alexandria, this 528 bytes of extra data contains content magnet links and other data on the Florincoin blockchain. Content providers to the distributed library need Florincoin pay mining fees for uploading content.

Devon Read’s talk at San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup (persevere the long winded history lecture at the beginning)

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