Dutch Software Firm Quantoz Develops Cloud-Based Bitcoin Liquidity Pool Platform

Quantoz, the Dutch technology firm behind bitcoin exchange HappyCoins, is launching a cloud-based liquidity pool, where pool-partners have access to a shared wallet.

The liquidity pool is for business partners focusing on risk minimization rather than traders, according to Henri de Jong, Quantoz Head of Business Development.

The target pool-partners for the Quantoz liquidity pool are retail exchanges with a margin business model, bitcoin payment service providers, and small transactions processors.

quantoz liquity pool

Jong notes that the advantages of the liquidity pool include the following:

  • instant bitcoin availability – no trading, no trading fee, and small transactions
  • no bitcoin deposit or position – only a Euro balance which limits price risk in a volatile market
  • instant settlement – bitcoins received from Pool Partners are immediately converted to Euro and booked on the pool partner Euro account

Quantoz has completed the liquidity pool platform development, with wallets, exchange, trading backend, automated trading & balancing via “robots”, and secure backend APIs for pool partners.

Jong also indicated that their initial partners were connected to the pool platform with more than two thousand transactions occuring per month.

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