Bitcoin-Gold Pairing Firm Vaultoro Releases 2 Trading Engine API Versions


Swiss-based Bitcoin and gold trading platform Vaultoro released its API last week.

Joshua Scigala, co-founder if Vaultoro, blogged this about the API:

Programmers all over the world are welcome build anything they like, for example, graphing apps for bitcoin / gold price, build wallets that convert a portion or all bitcoin received to gold and then spendable as bitcoin again, build trading bots and things we can’t even imagine yet.

The API is not only for developers, anyone can generate an api key and plug Vaultoro into trading applications and graphing software. Please ask the developer of your trading tool of choice to integrate Vaultoro’s API.

There are two versions of the API, Basic API and the Trading API

The basic Vaultoro API permits users globally to pull a price feed, the orderbook, latest transactions and other market data into graphing platforms as well as developing web widgets with the latest bitcoin price in gold.

The Vaultoro trading API enables developer and programmers to build solutions for clientele. Vaultoro places emphasis on the utility of the trading API for the globally unbanked and underbanked.

Scigala indicated that his company is developing more features particularly for partnering businesses and will promote new apps on the Vaultoro website, social media and promotional channels.

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