Phillipines Bitcoin Firm Picks Up $100k From California Healthcare Investor

Philippines bitcoin firm Satoshi Citadel Industries has received $100,000 in seed funding from healthcare industry investor Joe Maristela.

Serial healthcare entrepreneur Joe Maristela recently invested more than $100,000 into Satoshi Citadel Industries as part of a continuing seed round. Satoshi Citadel is a holding corporation that includes seven Philippine bitcoin companies, Rebit,, bitbit,,, Bitstars, and Bills Ninja.

Maristela is challenging other traditional entreprenuers to do the same and invest in fintech startups.

The management of Satoshi Citadel includs CEO John Bailon, COO Jardine Gerodias, and CCO Miguel Cuneta, who all co-founded the firm in early 2014 with

Maristela intends to invest more money in innovative tech startups in the Philippines.

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