Canada’s BitNational Acquires Bitcoin Brains as Part of National Network Goal

Western Canada’s BitNational has become the largest over-the-counter bitcoin brokerage and ATM network in Canada after acquiring Calgary-based Bitcoin Brains.

As part of its avowed goal of building a national network that provides bitcoin services to Canadians, BitNational entered a 10-year, $2.1 million dollar agreement to acquire Bitcoin Brains

Founded in 2013, Bitcoin Brains provides custom bitcoin brokerage services and resells bitcoin and altcoin miners from various manufactures. BitNational manages Bitcoin kiosks in three cities in western Canada

The acquisition of Bitcoin Brains was apparently secured by deposit paid to a two of three multisig Bitcoin address. Both transaction parties controls one private key, while a neutral third party controls the third key.

BitNational indicated that it will within the next week announce the date of the official launch of its new national network.

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