Purse.io Integrates Shapeshift to Enable Amazon Purchases with Multiple Crypto Coins

Instant cryptocurrency asset exchange service ShapeShift.io has teamed up with Purse.io through an integration of the ShapeShift Shifty Button to allow users to purchase from Amazon.com with multiple digital currencies.

Purse.io is a peer-to-peer marketplace that matches customers wishing to purchase bitcoin with bitcoin holders wanting to purchase items with retail giant Amazon.com. Prior to the company’s ShapeShift Shifty Button integration, Purse.io was only available to those who had Bitcoin to deposit. Now, more than 25 other digital currencies can be used at Purse.io

We’re excited to partner with Shapeshift.io to deliver huge savings on Amazon.com for not just the bitcoin community, but altcoin community as well

– said Purse.io Co-founder and CEO Andrew Lee.

ShapeShift made its Shifty Button available in January 2015 to provide websites the option of accepting other major digital currencies beyond the well-known Bitcoin.

I personally use Purse to buy things at Amazon frequently. Now Bitcoin holders are not the only ones who can get the 10-20% savings. Anyone who owns Ripple, Counterparty, BitShares, and many other innovative digital assets can now effectively spend them at Amazon and save a considerable amount off retail price.

– said Emily, ShapeShift’s Head of Marketing

The two cryptocurrency sector startups have this year been in the press frequently. Both Purse and ShapeShift recently raised $300,000 and $525,000 in seed capital.