Ziftr Integrating Clef for 2-FA Cryptocurrency, Credit Card Payment

New Hampshire-based e-commerce company Ziftr has formed a partnership with two-factor authentication company Clef.

Ziftr will integrate Clef into its cryptocurrency and credit card payment platform, ZiftrPAY, to provide enhanced security and convenience for ZiftrPAY users.

ZiftrPAY is a Blockchain-based payment platform and customer loyalty program that allows merchants to accept credit cards and multiple cryptocurrencies. According to Ziftr, it offers merchants tokenized security, reduced transaction fees, volatility risk protection, batch payouts and more. As part of the customer loyalty program, ZiftrPAY merchants will receive free ZiftrCOIN digital coupons to incentivize their customers to use cryptocurrency.

Clef is an Oakland, California-based two-factor authentication company that eliminates the need for passwords. Users download the Clef app to their iOS or Android phones and upon logging into a website via Clef, open the app and wave their phone across the screen. Clef sends an encrypted key from the user’s phone using the RSA algorithm, which allows websites to recognize users from their device rather than from a password.

ZiftrPAY users will have the option of signing into their accounts using Clef or using a traditional password login.

Bob Wilkins, CEO of Ziftr, commented:

With ZiftrPAY, we’re creating a simple, secure shopping experience for merchants and shoppers, so it makes perfect sense for us to incorporate two-factor authentication from a company that also values simplicity and security. This partnership with Clef brings together two innovative companies that are reinventing user experiences and making waves in our respective industries.

As part of the partnership, Clef will implement the ZiftrPAY payment platform to begin accepting payments in multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and ZiftrCOIN.

Brennen Byrne, CEO of Clef, noted:

Usability is the missing ingredient keeping cryptocurrency from going mainstream, which is what makes us so excited to be working with Ziftr. With ZiftrPAY, they’re helping bring a whole new tier of merchants into the fold and making it easier for anyone to pay.

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