Hong Kong’s Bitspark Integrates With Clef for 2-Factor Passwordless Logins

bitsparkBitspark announced an integration with Clef to provide secure, passwordless logins its users.

In recent months, Clef has been expanding its customer base in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Bitspark is a Hong Kong-based exchange and remittance platform that announced a new round of funding a few weeks ago. They offer end to end Bitcoin remittances and were recently featured in Goldman Sachs’ T​he Future of Finance.​

Bitspark’s exchange supports 18 currency pairs and 5 fiat currencies and the remittance service works for Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia. Backed by the Hong Kong government incubator Cyberport, Bitspark partnered with BitGo to provide multi-signature wallets to its customers.

Brennen Byrne, CEO of Clef said:

When we think about the next generation of Bitcoin technology, Bitspark is exactly the kind of product that gets us excited. It is absolutely critical that we find ways to make Bitcoin useful to more people, and I’m excited that Clef can help make that happen.

George Harrap, CEO of Bitspark, commented:

From the first time I saw someone log in with Clef, I knew that this was the future. Our whole team got excited about the technology and the integration was really quick.

Bitspark says that any customer can log into any computer in the world by holding their phone up to the computer screen. Using the phone’s camera and an animation called the Clef Wave, the phone seamlessly syncs with the computer and logs the user in. The process allegedly protects almost 50,000 sites and is backed by public key cryptography that is stronger than any password. Clef works on any iOS or Android device, and is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Clef is funded by Morado Ventures and angels from a broad variety of product and security backgrounds.

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