BTCChina Partners MrGekko To Release Pro-Grade Trading Platform

BTCChina has teamed up with MrGekko, a professional multi-dealer platform, to provide traders of multiple levels with new order types, sophisticated charting tools and access to the world’s most liquid exchanges.

BTCChina also invites all of its traders to try the new service with 100 free trades for the first 30 days on the integrated interface.

Based on cloud technology, MrGekko claims to be the first multi-dealer platform of its kind to be dedicated to digital currencies. After logging, traders will be able to place market, limit, stop-loss, trailing-profit and bracket orders on BTCChina and other world-leading exchanges seamlessly.

MrGekko’s layout permits side-by-side display of different charts, 60-plus technical indicators, time intervals and patterns.

MrGekko’s Advanced Charting Engine, features more than 60 real-time indicators, provides traders with the market metrics, including Bollinger Bands, Stochastic RSI and MACD. In-chart drawing and additional special features allow for customizable designs and execution of preferred strategies such as Elliot Waves.

In addition to the technical suite, MrGekko also offers training videos for those learning to leverage the tools.

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