Online Billing Service Hiveage Accepts Bitcoin Through Coinbase Integration

Hiveage, an online billing service for freelancers and small businesses, announced this week that their users will be able to accept bitcoin payments for the invoices they send using the system. This has been made possible via an integration with Bitcoin wallet and exchange giant Coinbase.

Bitcoin is the world’s most widely used alternative currency with a total market cap of approximately $5.3 billion. It is constantly being adopted by businesses, freelancers and ecommerce platforms the world over, and saw a 14% growth in business users in 2014 alone. Hiveage says that its bitcoin integration is a response to this increasing popularity of the cryptocurrency among their users.

Hiveage Founder & CEO, Lankitha Wimalarathna, commented:

Bitcoin is quickly becoming a useful way of transferring value, and it’s been highly demanded over the past few months by our users. It’s important to us that we support customers who use bitcoin so that they can continue to grow their businesses without having to worry about securing payments. We want all users, regardless of currency, to benefit from our platform.

Connecting a Coinbase account to Hiveage takes a few minutes, and costs just $1.95 per month, according to the billing service. It is one of several payment methods the billing service is planning to add this year for its customers in over 140 countries.

Hiveage have selected Coinbase due to their wider reach. After expanding outside of the US in the final quarter of last year, Coinbase have become regarded as the world’s largest Bitcoin wallet service. They have more than 2.1 million users worldwide, stretching into 24 countries.

This integration comes at a time when Hiveage is looking to increase their focus on the EU market, starting with the Netherlands and Germany. More than 20 percent of Hiveage users are apparently from Europe, and currently the Hiveage  says it is working on building partnerships with Dutch companies and businesses to allow them to support some of the more popular EU payments methods such as Netherlands’ iDEAL and Germany’s SOFORT and Giropay.

Prabhath Sirisena, Hiveage’s Co-founder and Creative Director, noted:

Amsterdam is a great place to start and build our relationships in the EU, as well as connecting with some of our current users in this part of the world. Uprise is an exciting event to be at this year, and there’s no shortage of great start ups looking to share their experiences. I’m really looking forward to seeing how people react to us and learning how we can make their billing workflows easier.

According to the company, Hiveage was created by Web application developer Vesess Inc. to help freelancers and small businesses automate their online billing function, providing them with a faster and easier way to invoice clients and track payments, through a simple-to-use, intuitive and (dare we say) beautiful interface that is supported by a secure cloud-based platform.

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