30 Day Bitcoin Market Report on 1st April 2015

This 30 day bitcoin market report summarizes major bitcoin exchange activity primarily by volume for a thirty day period. price & volume’s Bitcoin Price Index tracks market averages for all markets and all data including altcoins. The data on their website is a weighted average for 60 $BTC exchanges and 30 fiat pairs:

bitcoin-dot-info-30day-price-and-volume  @bravenewcoin 30 day chart

The bitcoin price index began the month at approximately US$273. Month close price was $243.88 for an approximate month to month change of minus – $30. A weak fluctuating market in the first half of the month fell off sharply at mid month. There were two strong sell periods with the first one on March 19 and again on March 24.

Highest trading volume in month
highest-volume-march2015  @bravenewcoin highest trading volume of month

The highest trading volume of the month was on March 10 2015 with a 24hr volume of $USD 287 million dollars of bitcoin.

Top exchanges by volume data for “All currencies” in 30 days:
Data as of April 01 2015

Top exchanges by market share percentage: March 2015top_exchanges_by_marketshare_percentages
Data as of April 01 2015

Compare this against last month’s data below.

Top exchanges by market share percentage: February 2015 historical
Data as of March 04 2015

Change in positions from February to March 2015
Of the top bitcoin exchanges the market leader @BTCChina month volume is lower, @OKCoinBTC is up by several percentage points, @Huobicom and @Bitfinex gain about a percentage each and @LakeBTC is up half a percent.

@Bitstamp @btcecom @Coinbase and @ANXBTC all have lower market share percentages for the month of March than they had in February 2015.

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