30 Day Bitcoin Market Report as of March 4, 2015

This 30 day bitcoin market report summarizes major bitcoin exchange activity primarily by volume for a thirty day period.

Bitcoin.info Price & Volume

Bitcoin.info’s Bitcoin Price Index tracks market averages for all markets and all data including bitcoins and altcoins. The data on their website is a weighted average for 60 exchanges and 30 fiat pairs:

@bravenewcoin 30 day chart


Here are the bitcoinity.org top market makers for “All currencies” in 30 days. Bitcoinity website data is sponsored by @OKCoinBTC:

All exchanges by volume allexchangesbyvol_4Mar
Data as of March 04 2015 http://data.bitcoinity.org/markets/volume/30d?c=e&t=a&volume_unit=btc
@BTCChina gains almost 6% more market share in February than they had in January’s report. The world’s former leading bitcoin exchange @OKCoinBTC volume was down from 5.38 million or 29% global market share in the January 30 day period to 3.93M or 27.90% global market share in February’s numbers.

@Huobicom 13.89% @Bitfinex 8.96% and @LakeBTC 2.97% round out global leading positions for “all currencies all markets” with ranks 3, 4 & 5 respectively.
In the 5th to 10th ranked exchanges volume is less than 3% each.

30 day volume by currency pair February

Breaking down the volume by currency traded this is how the 30 day data looks:


January 2015 comparisoncurrencies-volumes-january-2015
February $BTCCNY market

There are only 4 major players in the Bitcoinity.org $BTCCNY 30 day period:


Data as of March 04 2015 http://data.bitcoinity.org/markets/volume/30d/CNY?c=e&t=a&volume_unit=btc

January $BTCCNY market

30day-btccny-JanuaryData as of Jan 30 2015 http://data.bitcoinity.org/markets/volume/30d/CNY?c=e&t=a&volume_unit=btc

January & February $BTCCNY volume comparison

@BTCChina has gained, @OKCoinBTC has lost, @Huobicom has gained, @LakeBTC has lost. All of these exchanges are premiere bitcoin exchanges in this huge bitcoin yuan market.

30 day $BTCUSD top 10 list

top10list-btcusd-30-days Data as of March 04 2015 http://data.bitcoinity.org/markets/volume/30d/USD?c=e&t=a&volume_unit=btc

30 day $BTCUSD pie chart

@Bitfinex ticker

@Bitfinex continues their $BTCUSD market command with 38.73% which is down from 46.89% in the previous period. The previous data chart is pasted below:

Previous chart – January 2015 $BTCUSD

Data as of Jan 30 2015 http://data.bitcoinity.org/markets/volume/30d/USD?c=e&t=a&volume_unit=btc
@Coinbase has jumped from 9th rank in January’s report to 5th rank on a February volume of 311k.

 February 2015 $BTCEUR pie chart


$BTCEUR Top 10 list February 2015


Data as of March 04 2015 http://data.bitcoinity.org/markets/volume/30d/EUR?c=e&t=a&volume_unit=btc

January 2015 report hyperlink

Want to refer back to earlier reports? The January 2015 and other reports may be found here: http://kittybitcoin.com/market-reports/ [or by searching the AllCoinsNews.com archives]

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