GoCoin Helps RE/MAX London Accept Cryptocurrency for Property Rentals

RE/MAX London, the London of the global residential property company, has started a pilot program with GoCoin to accept digital currency for property rentals across the UK. GoCoin is a big player in Blockchain payments and the first platform for processing Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin at checkout.

RE/MAX is the first real estate agency in the UK to offer to its clients the ability to make payments for property rentals with cryptocurrency. RE/MAX believes integrating with GoCoin’s platform will benefit tenants by offering instant and frictionless lease payments without the fees associated with credit cards and other traditional payments methods.

Peggy Su, regional owner and director at RE/MAX London, commented:

RE/MAX is the most productive estate agency network in the world, and this is due, in part, to the way we proactively leverage emerging technologies. RE/MAX has just topped representation in over 95 countries: this represents over one third of the world hence the importance of providing extensive options of payment methods for our clients and consumers in today’s market. Together with GoCoin, we are realizing the efficiencies of the new payments technology and its ability to add value to our internal business operations.

GoCoin allows merchant operators to safely accept digital currencies without being exposed to their potential market volatility. Merchants can choose to keep the cryptocurrency, or convert all or part of it into traditional fiat including USD, GBP, Euros and Singapore Dollars.

Steve Beauregard, co-founder and CEO of GoCoin, noted:

RE/MAX London is taking an important first step toward embracing the full potential of the Blockchain for the real estate market. Lease payments are one area of focus, and we look forward to expanding into other areas of smart property as well.

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