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Micropay Focused NeuCoin Launches With $2.25M Including Facebook, Uber, Candy Crush Angels

Along with the launch of a freemium currency focused on micropayments, the NeuCoin Project today announced it has closed $2.25 million of initial funding.

Strategic angels include Patrik Stymne, co-founder of King (Candy Crush Saga), Rob Goldman, head of growth at Facebook, Emil Michael, SVP of business at Uber, Henrik Kjellberg, president of Hotwire, as well as dozens of other top tech and media founders and executives.

Strategic advisors include Alex Norstrom, VP of growth for Spotify; Jackson Palmer, creator of Dogecoin; and Brock Pierce, serial entrepreneur and Bitcoin Foundation board member.

Using a proof-of-stake design and economic model,NeuCoin is a digital currency that will be strategically distributed to all participants who help increase its utility, growth and value.

Some coins will be given for free to get consumers started and more awarded for recruiting new users; some given to companies that make NeuCoin more useful for consumers, such as content providers that accept micropayments in NeuCoin, exchanges, processors; and some sold to investors, with proceeds used to fund user acquisition and utility development, with a focus on micropayments.

Dan Kaufman, one of NeuCoin’s co-founders, noted:

Strategic currency distribution is a huge advantage over Bitcoin and other Proof-of-Work coins. Instead of handing all the currency to miners, where its value is essentially spent on computing and electricity costs, NeuCoin channels the value of the currency into user growth and projects that make the currency useful for regular consumers.

Kaufman continued:

The main reason that Bitcoin and other digital currencies haven’t been widely adopted is that they don’t provide benefits over traditional currencies that mainstream consumers care about. Many believe that new business models and behaviors based on micropayments (transactions from $.01 to $1.00) where traditional payment methods just aren’t viable might be digital currency’s killer app. Armed with freemium distribution, this is NeuCoin’s focus.

The NeuCoin team indicates that it will roll out pilot micropayment platforms with three major content partners: MondoMedia, YouTube’s No. 1 animation channel with over 2 billion views; Jango, an online music service with eight million monthly users; and RadioAirplay, an artist promotion company with 250,000 artists as customers. Consumers will be able to tip emerging musicians $0.25, pay $0.10 to watch a premium video, or pay $0.50 to avoid video ads for a month.

With freemium distribution, consumers receive free NeuCoins to complete their first micro-transactions, so they can experience the service more easily.


NeuCoin’s utility, growth and core development projects will be funded by three separate non-profit foundations based in the Isle of Man. The foundations are controlled by coin holders and share the mission of increasing the value of NeuCoin. This structure allows NeuCoin to grow yet become increasingly decentralized over time as the currency becomes widely distributed.

Three billion NeuCoins will be pre-mined and allocated to the foundations (83.3 percent), the founding team (6.7 percent), and the initial investors (10 percent). Over 10 years, the supply of NeuCoins will grow to approximately 100 billion, primarily from PoS awards that steadily decline from 100 percent to 6 percent per year. After 10 years, the supply of coins will grow by 2 percent to 4 percent per year, based on the number of coins staked by miners.

NeuCoin’s founders Kaufman, Johan Sandstrom, Ophélie Pubellier and Scott Walker have previously founded several Internet companies in the music, gaming and shopping sectors, with hundreds of millions of users in total. These include Dash, Direct Revenue, New Motion, Spray Network and Jango.

Prior to launch, NeuCoin will pre-sell 100 million NeuCoins to the crypto community, with all proceeds distributed among NeuCoin’s foundations.

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