30 Day Bitcoin Market Report as of January 30 2015

The 30 day bitcoin market report summarizes major bitcoin exchange activity by volume for a thirty day period. Price & Volume
The new website and data has proven to be an invaluable tool in tracking worldwide bitcoin data. No other venture can claim the same comprehensive “all markets all data” coverage as @bitcoindotinfo aka @BraveNewCoin:


@bitcoindotinfo 30 day chart for January 2015

This includes all cryptocurrencies not just bitcoin, although bitcoin has the lion’s share of the market.
Looking at another data source, here are the top market makers for “All currencies”. Note that report data is sponsored by @OKCoinBTC

All Exchanges by Volume

Data as of Jan 30 2015

@BTCChina continues its market leadership in early 2015 with 5.79 million bitcoin traded and 31% of the total reported worldwide market in $BTC. It was late 2014 when  BTCChina overtook @OKCoinBTC in total volume. @OKCoinBTC traded 5.38 million or 29% global market share in the 30 day period.

@Huobicom appears to be firmly entrenched in overall number three position with 3.12 million $btc traded and this position has not changed for months.

@Bitfinex has almost 2 million in $btc traded apparently on the basis of their strong $BTCUSD performance and USD market leadership.

Notwithstanding – or perhaps because of – several days exchange outage, a server move and a core software upgrade @Bitstamp still traded 754K and 4% of the total world market in bitcoin and has apparently captured even more global marketshare than before. charts show @btcecom @LakeBTC @ANXBTC and @KrakenFX filling out the remainder of the world market for the 30 day January period.

30 day Volume by Currency Pair
Breaking down the volume by currency traded this is how the 30 day data looks:


$BTCCNY is measured in millions of BTC traded whereas $BTCUSD is reflected in thousands. There continues to be a strong market in $BTCEUR and this pair also receives significant twitter notifications on @KittyBitcoin. Some days there are more BTCEUR notifications than $BTCUSD tweet notifications and this with only 5 BTCEUR exchanges tweeted while ten BTCUSD exchanges are currently listed and tweeted on KittyBitcoin. Typically all available exchanges tickers in a currency pair are all tweeted at approximately the same time.

You can browse public tickers for $BTCCNY, $BTCUSD and $BTCEUR top exchanges on – all top bitcoin exchanges conveniently located in one place. Individual tickers also carry high low last buy and sell market indicators as well as volume.

30 day $BTCCNY Market
There are only 4 major players in the $BTCCNY 30 day period:

Data as of Jan30 2015
@BTCChina @OKCoinBTC @Huobicom and @LakeBTC are the premiere bitcoin exchanges in this huge bitcoin yuan market.

30 day $BTCUSD Market
@Bitfinex continues their commanding lead with over 46% of $BTCUSD marketshare in the 30 day period. Surprisingly @Bitstamp has turned it around with a new showing in the number two position with 757k or 18% of the $BTCUSD market, edging @OKCoinBTC who traded 567k or 13%. Bitstamp has a new much publicized website which may account for some of its substantial volume increase.

@BTCChina @OKCoinBTC @Huobicom and @LakeBTC are the premiere bitcoin exchanges in this huge bitcoin yuan market.

Bitstamp Ticker
Also trading strongly in $BTCUSD are @btcecom @LakeBTC @itBit localBitcoins @ANXBTC with @Coinbase now showing on this list as well.

Data as of Jan 30 2015

Global Bitcoin Price
@BraveNewCoin also offers the one and only Global Bitcoin Price consisting of all markets and all data as referenced on
@BraveNewCoin also offer a deployable ticker and a price converter for your own website.

Foundation for Bitcoin Has Not Changed
While bitcoin market volume, price, exchanges, sentiment, press and hype have all changed in recent times the  foundation and compelling reasons for bitcoin have not

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