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Storj Starts Beta Test Group for Money Earning Drive Share

The team behind cryptocurrency Storjcoin or SJCX yesterday announced the launch of the “Test Group A” for its DriveShare offering.

DriveShare will be a service where users can earn the Storj currency by remotely sharing their drive space.

The master plan of Storj is to use blockchain technology and peer-to-peer protocols to provide the most secure, private, and encrypted cloud storage

In the announcement, the Storj team revealed the launch date, December 20th at 8 PM (EST), and addressed participation requirementand expected outcomes from the first test group.

The requirements include a crowdsale SJCX address and a balance of 10,000 SJCX.

Storj’s desired outcomes include “load testing experience and statistics on our verification nodes” as well as “uptime statistics for farmers, which is useful data for our distribution algorithms”


The Storj team noted in a newsletter statement:

This is our first software beta and there may be technical problems and issues. Ideally we would prefer power-users, willing to deal with the problems and give us feedback. Users not willing to go through technical issues, troubleshooting, and actively provide feedback, should participate in later test groups.

Apparently, there will be no SJCX rewards for these test group participants, and they will not be loading users’ hard drives with more than 100-byte test files.

Storj will provide more instructions and support at their Google Hangout and IRC Chat link locations.

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