OKCoin Takes Over Bitcoin.com – Part of Strategy to be King of Bitcoin World?

The website Bitcoin.com has been taken over by China-based BTC exchange OKCoin.

Previously, Blockchain.info controlled management of Bitcoin.com, and before that the domain name was under BTC exchange TradeHill’s control. TradeHill suspended trading in 2013.

Speculation on Chinese bitcoin forums 8BTC.com is that Roger Ver, an investor in Blockchain.info and OKCoin, has turned over or lent the website address to OKCoin.

OKCoin made the announcement on Tuesday December 16th.

The front page of bitcoin.com is the following:


OKCoin has not responded to enquiries regarding its plans for the new site.

Nonetheless, OKCoin has recently declared its goal of becoming the “Google” of the Bitcoin space. Undoubtedly a public listing is also in its long term plans. So, is the adoption of such a coveted brand like Bitcoin.com part of that strategy?