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Bitcoin Rewarding Social Gaming Platform BitLanders Launches Anonymous Registration

Bitcoin paying social gaming platform BitLanders is launching a new anonymous registration, giving all new users the option to register to its content and gaming platform without giving out their name or email address.

Users choose a nickname and password to join and create a profile, and the platform’s founders promise that no personal data will be collected during registration.

On BitLanders, users can upload videos and pictures, write blogs and micro-updates, interact with the community, and get rewarded for their content, influence, and social activity. The platform uses a proprietary algorithm, the BuzzScore, to monitor and reward high quality content with bitcoin.

Bitlanders is a venture that grew out of the Film Annex, an online film distribution and financing platform that was founded in 2006 by Italian enterpreneur Francesco Rulli.

Rulli now describes Bitlanders as an “influencer’s role playing game” that rewards “400,000 influencers” who engage viewers with visual media, written content, and native advertising.

BitLanders ranks influencers and content creators based on their BuzzScore, a score that measures the influencers’ engagement, content quality, and their reach and influence to BitLanders’ larger audience of users. The reward currency of BitLanders is Bitcoin.

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