Startup Offers Low Mining Hosting Fees for 1st 100 Customers


Dallas, Texas Bitcoin cloud mining host Bitrush is offering a promotion where the first 100 clients will be able to take advantage of low hosting fees of 1 cent per Gigahash without limits to the size of the purchases.

Bitrush says it is able to make such a promotion after receiving “yet another sizable capital investment” on October 31st, 2014.

The mining host announced that it has more than $5 million worth of mining hardware available to its customers.

Cloud mining services are getting increasingly-competitive, particularly with the volatility of bitcoin. Low fees like Bitrush’s only add to the competitiveness.


From Bitrush official release:

Bitrush has established relationships with the most experienced and trusted hardware manufacturers, as well as immersion cooling technology specialists. This affords customers access to a quite rare and extremely energy efficient form of cloud-based mining.

Bitrush’s position at the forefront of state-of-the-art cooling technologies gives their customers the edge needed to come out ahead of the competition. This new funding and access to hardware will allow Bitrush to deliver the most reliable and energy efficient way to mine bitcoin in the industry. This means providing every customer with features such as 100% up time and instant activation.

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