Seven Day Bitcoin Market Report as of December 12, 2014

@BTCChina New Seven Day Market Leader All Currencies All Exchanges

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The significant data out of this past week has been the emergence of @BTCChina as the new all currencies all exchanges market leader. With over 38% of the total world bitcoin market @BTCChina not only surpasses the former leader @OKCoinBTC but by a credible margin of more than 10% marketshare. They also traded over one million $BTC – yes that’s 1 million bitcoin – in seven days. Full on automation has its advantages.

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With over 775k bitcoin traded in 7 days all currencies all exchanges @OKCoinBTC is no slouch either, indisputably holding number 2 overall position. OKCoinBTC’s 27% marketshare is 8% more than third ranked @Huobicom who weighs in with over half a million $BTC traded.

Absolute domination
Also of note is how the “Big Four” of @BTCChina @OKCoinBTC @Huobicom and @LakeBTC all together lock in control over all of the top four (4) volume and marketshare positions for the seven day period. This may not change for some time as longer term analysis shows the Big Four absolutely dominating world bitcoin trade. For more on this subject see “China Corners the Market on Bitcoin” a
recent @allcoinsnews article.

In the Running
Still in the running is the enduring $BTCUSD heavyhitter @bitfinex who this past week takes position number 5 with an all currencies all exchanges marketshare of almost 5% on a volume of 128k. You don’t see @bitfinex tweet much, but talk is cheap and actions speak much louder than words. 5% world marketshare is a win.

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@bitstamp 2.4% @btcecom 1.3% @localbitcoins 0.55% and @Itbit 0.39% round out the identifiable market leaders with “others” laying claim to only 0.08% of the remaining total seven (7) day world bitcoin marketshare.

Seven Day $BTCCNY Standings


Seven Day $BTCUSD Standings


Compared to the earlier “Seven Day Bitcoin Market Report as of November 21, 2014” @OKCoinBTC has moved up one rank at the expense of @bitstamp, @localbitcoins has swapped positions with @itbit who drops a notch, while @coinsetter @HitBTC and others are unchanged.

In the News
The US Marshal bitcoin auction last Friday December 05 2014 immediately drove the bitcoin $BTCUSD price down including -2.26% in 24 hours on a Monday volume which was up 82% from the previous 24 hour period. Data from kittybitcoin’s $BTCUSD Indicator showed a further loss the next day:



@Microsoft Saves the Day
Never thought I’d be saying this – never say never – but in fact the widely publicized @Microsoft entry into the bitcoin market by implementing $BTC payment support via @bitpay for Microsoft products not only turned the week’s bear market around but created a mini bull run. Bitcoin prices bouyed
sharply up on the announcement. The entrance of Microsoft is a key step of many more to come in the mass consumer adoption of bitcoin. You may not see your kids now except when they need more bitcoin to fuel their Xbox.

@BitcoinzWoman – Buy Your Groceries with Bitcoin
Also and perhaps unnoticed but tweeted by @BitcoinzWoman is the first supermarket store in The Netherlands to accept bitcoin payment for groceries and household hardware.

Holiday Best Wishes
As we approach the start of the winter holidays @KittyBitcoin extends to each and everyone the best
wishes for a Happy Holiday and for a properous New Year to come.
< strong>Catnip is intoxicating

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