BitFX Opens First Bitcoin Retail Shop in Hong Kong

Bitcoin trading platform BitFX has opened its first retail shop in Jordan, Hong Kong. It has formed partnerships with Bitcoin ATM supplier Bitcoinnect and China Bitcoin exchange OKCoin.

Starting today, customers in Hong Kong can visit the unique BitFX retail store to enjoy a simple, secure and solid Bitcoin experience. We take the technology out of equation and make Bitcoin more accessible and convenient for everyone. When we founded BitFX, we wanted to create a physical presence for Bitcoin and connect the digital and physical Bitcoin experience

..commented Gina Leslie, BifFX Vice Chairperson.

The BitFX retail store has customer service personel to assist consumers in trading bitcoins. The bitcoin ATMs permit customers to buy and sell the digital currency with cash.

BitFX also provides a 3D Bitcoin wallet, a physical bitcoin wallet that stores bitcoin without the need for a digital device. With a digital wallet, 3D Bitcoin can be sold, spent and exchanged with other individuals, FX exchanges, or merchants who accept bitcoin.

Bitcoinnect has set up 10 Bitcoin ATM kiosks on the Chinese mainland and in Hong Kong and Macau.The company plans to add 20 more ATMS in Hong Kong by the end of 2014 or early next year, five of which are already setup. Bitcoinnect’s machines support two ways of transaction, both buying and selling of Bitcoin.

Here is a video of how users sell bitcoin via a Bitcoinnect ATM.

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