Australia’s CoinsForTech Launches Bitcoin-Based Online Market OneWallet

Australian based CoinsForTech has launched a shopping portal for Bitcoin users called just in time for the Christmas holidays.

The marketplace has over 600 products available for online purchase, ranging from electronics, fragrances, clothing, make-up, watches, Bitcoin miners and more.

Lee Marburg, founder of OneWallet and CoinsForTech, noted:

By using Bitcoin as the medium, we are significantly lowering the cost of trading internationally. Our marketplace allows for buyers and sellers across the world to transact without worrying about exorbitant currency conversion costs or lengthy transaction times.

OneWallet is closely tied to CoinsForTech, an electronics store which has processed over $500,000 worth of cryptocurrency orders to 56 countries. The founders say they quickly realized the power of Bitcoin combined with ecommerce and have built a platform specifically to boost this form of trade.

The OneWallet marketplace offers an opportunity for 3rd party sellers to enter the Bitcoin economy. It’s free to list goods for sale on the marketplace, with a 2% fee when a product successfully sells. Merchants can choose to auction their goods or list them at a fixed price.

Comprehensive buyer protection is provided to all purchases from BusinessVerified merchants. The company says that it will ensure that the BusinessVerified merchant fulfills their end of the deal and refund the customer’s money in full if they do not.

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