Seven Day Bitcoin Market Report as of November 21, 2014

[Report from @KittyBitcoin] The seven day bitcoin market report summarizes bitcoin exchange activity by volume for a weekly period. Here are the top market makers for “All currencies”. All report data is from which is sponsored by @OKCoinBTC :


Of note is the ascension of BTCChina into the number 1 position for this 7 day period. The “Big Four” consisting of @OKCoinBTC @Huobicom @BTCChina and @LakeBTC continue to dominate the overall market. Their combined market share in the period is more than 89%.

Seven Day Volume by Currency Pair

Breaking down the volume by currency traded this is how the 7 day data looks:

Currency pair

7 day volume


~ 3.4 M





$BTCCNY is measured in millions of BTC traded whereas $BTCUSD is reflected in thousands. There is notable but a lesser amount of trading in the $BTCEUR pair, as of date of writing.
You can browse public tickers for $BTCCNY, $BTCUSD and $BTCEUR top exchanges on – all top bitcoin exchanges conveniently located in one place.

Seven Day $BTCCNY Market

There are only 4 players in the Bitcoinity $BTCCNY 7 day period. Surprisingly, @BTCChina has emerged as this week’s top volume trader with volume of 1.59M or 44.75%. Previous to this report @OKCoinBTC dominated.

This past week @OKCoinBTC changed their algorithm for reporting volume. It is not known at the time of writing how this volume algorithm change influenced this week’s statistics.


Seven Day $BTCUSD Market

@Bitfinex continues their commanding lead with over 40% of $BTCUSD marketshare in the 7 day period. @OKCoinBTC has now passed @BTCe – who ranked higher in earlier periods – as @OKCoinBTC settles into 3rd position.

We see new appearances in this list by @HitBTC and @Coinsetter for a 7 day period. There is continued strength in @ItBit and @LocalBitcoins. @ANXBTC does appear on the $BTCUSD 30 day report but has dropped off of this 7 day report, which is based on volume as reported by Bitcoinity.


Seven Day $BTCEUR Market

@Krakenfx @ANXBTC and together account for over 81% of $BTCEUR marketshare. @Krakenfx trades more than half of all $BTCEUR. This is a distinction not seen in $BTCCNY or $BTCUSD top exchanges where smaller volume percentage differences exist between exchanges.


@KittyBitcoin currently offers $BTCEUR last tickers for @Krakenfx @ANXBTC and @HitBTC which together comprise approximately 73% of this market.


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