Bitcoin Brands Sets Up ATM at TriStar Gym in Montreal

Bitcoin Brands Inc., the operator of the Bitcoin Vending Network, has installed a bitcoin ATM at the TriStar Gym in Montreal.

The ATM permits TriStar Gym customers to purchase bitcoins. The large display screen with current prices allows users to buy bitcoin for Canadian currency.

Bitcoin Brands claims that transaction is typically completed in less than minute and the user has the option of delivery to their digital wallet or a paper wallet dispensed from the machine.

Peter Klamka,Bitcoin Brands President and Founder, commented:

The installation of a bitcoin teller machine at TriStar is an accomplishment for us and for bitcoin in general. For a home of champions to embrace to the bitcoin currency and technology, it demonstrates how far bitcoin has come in a short period of time.

Managed by Firas Zahabi, the TriStar Gym is a well-known MMA gym having produced champions most like UFC legend Georges St. Pierre and UFC title contender Rory MacDonald.

Zahabit noted the following regarding the addition of the ATM:

I am excited to be one of the first to host a bitcoin ATM here in Montreal and to have the very first in bitcoin ATM the sport of mixed martial arts.

Publically traded in the US as an Over The Counter stock, Bitcoin Brands was originally called Cephas Holding Corp, Founded in 1998, the company has in recent years been a developer and marketer of mobile applications. Specifically, Cephas developed iPhone applications for an MMA fighter’s brand, sold the Sheik Soundboard and distributed a now defunct MMA newswire called MMA Underboss.

Klamka, thefounder of Bitcoin Brands, was implicated in violations of securities law in North Dakota in 2002 and Iowa in 2011.

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