UK Retailer CeX Starts Accepting Bitcoins at 30+ UK Stores, Rolls Out Bitcoin ATMs

UK-based second hand electronics retailer CeX will from 22 October start accepting bitcoin payments at more than 30 of its UK stores, heralding it as the largest bitcoin adoption in the UK retail sector.

The company in April 2014 launched online payments support for bitcoins. As part of the promotion campaign, Cex trialed bitcoin only payments in May at its Glasgow Sauchiehall store and installed its first bitcoin ATM, manufactured by Lamassu.

In addition to the bitcoin payments in it stores, the retailer will roll out on another 5 Lamassu-made bitcoin ATMs at select stores throughout the UK and pay out for second hand items purchased from customers.

“Today, we’re excited to roll out the ability to buy and sell with Bitcoin in over 30 UK stores nationwide, with plans to extend it to more of our 265+ UK stores and beyond” the company noted on its blog and Twitter.

Cex indicated to Coindesk that it has a customized payment system that is integrated with Coinbase as a payment processor.

CeX commercial director, David Butler told the Telegraph,

For us, Bitcoin is not a passing fad but the beginning of a fundamental shift in the way people think about digital money.
Our customers are always looking for new and engaging ideas and innovations and this attitude is not restricted to a new game or phone but also true of their approach to payment choices.

New Hampshire-based Lamassu began taking orders for bitcoin ATMs in 2013, has sold a few hundred of them, and offers a two way ATM model that can exchange bitcoins for cash.

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