UK Bitcoin Exchange Bitstamp Gives Final Notice to Unverified Accounts

UK-based Bitcoin exchange Bitstamp has given its unverified account holders 28 days to get verified or the accounts will be terminated and there will be no access.

In September 2013, Bitstamp gave notice that it was changing its verification policy to be in line with government financial standards requiring that all unverified accounts would have to be verified to continue operating.

It appears that there are some remaining unverified account holders in the exchange. Bitstamp released this notice yesterday…

Despite being notified of change in our Verification Policy more than a year ago on 4th September 2013, some accounts remain unverified.

Bitstamp cannot allow unverified accounts to trade or offer any other services, as doing so would violate our AML and KYC policies. Read our AML policy here.

We kindly ask all unverified account holders with a balance to get verified within 28 days of this announcement.

Failure to do so constitutes a breach of our Agreement and failure to remedy that breach. This will automatically result in the following: all unverified accounts holding a balance will be terminated, access rights will be removed, and the holders of these accounts will no longer be considered Bitstamp customers.

Any remaining balances will be subject to immediate seizure by and forfeiture to regulatory authorities.

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