“Bitcoin Golden Age Yet to Come” – China Exchange OKCoin CTO Zhao Changpeng

The Golden Age of Bitcoin is yet to come, according to Zhao Changpeng, the CTO of OKCoin, China’s largest digital currency exchange.

Zhao made the comments last week at the Global Internet Technology Conference 2014 in Beijing, as widely reported in Chinese language press.

Zhao said, “Since early 2013, OKCoin has been developing faster. In addition to the company, this is the development trend of the industry. Bitcoin still has a lot of space, and the real golden age of Bitcoin apparently yet to come!”

Zhao was at the conference to share some of his experience and knowledge of entrepreneurship at OKCoin. He noted that in entrepreneurship, competition is very difficult; the more an idea is unique, the more valuable it is; even the best ideas may not be executed properly; collaboration and team work is important; and business selection and product positioning must be good.

The emergence and popularity of anything requires a long process, bitcoin is no exception. Zhao noted, “Although Bitcoin has met with some difficulties, currency exchanges in China are promising in the long run.” His experience at OKCoin has inspired his confidence in the industry in China.

Before his employment at OKCoin, Zhao Changpeng was Blockchain’s Director of Development during the company’s rapid development to becoming the most popular Bitcoin wallet developer. Zhao left Blockchain earlier this year to choin China’s largest Bitcoin exchange despite the People’s Bank of China’s pressures on the Bitcoin industry in China.

Prior to his move into Bitcoin, Zhao was Fusion Systems Co-Founder and Bloomberg Tradebook Futures Global IT Head

Writes for Asia Tech Media Limited's publications, and Experienced blogger and freelance IT/business writer for Chinese and English magazines and newspapers. Studied journalism at Indiana University Bloomington.
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