Startup Inventors Introduces Novelty Bitcoin Piggy Bank

Los Angeles-based Startup Inventors this week introduced the BitPiggy, a novelty consumer device with inbuilt wallet for Bitcoin.

The company will use a Kickstarter crowfunding campaign to complete its first manufacturing run. Startup Inventors also plans to roll out various novelty consumer devices for Bitcoin to make the cryptocurrency available “for everyone, not just techie’s.”

They BitPiggy is essentially a small computer with a 700MHZ Atmega Processor, Linux Operating System, 10/100 BaseT ethernet socket, video camera, microSD card slot, WIFI adapter, IR Sensor and 3 USB ports.

Among its features, the device includes a bitcoin hardware wallet, a video surveillance alarm that “oinks” and sends MMS message to your phone, and savings goal planner. Popular wallet platforms such as Coinbase, Armory and Electrum can be imported into the BitPiggy.

L. Nicole Moore, Founder of Startup Inventors said of the launch, “We think there’s a future for Bitcoin consumer devices as big as the future of Bitcoin itself. Look at the 3D print revolution. 3D printers were mostly commercial devices and now we’re seeing consumer 3D printers in stores like Staples. We think Bitcoin will have the same shift. One day you’ll see Bitcoin products at big box retailers.”

The BitPiggy can be pre-ordered from the Startup Inventors website.

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